We are a group of passionate professionals and volunteers who turned their personal struggles into a message of hope to pay it forward “You are not alone. There is always hope towards understanding, praising and valuing your “self”. Appreciation goes to each volunteer who wholeheartedly contributed to the content and development of SELF.


We offer the first comprehensive Arabic-English Website about mental-health and its interconnection with psychology of eating.Our main aim is to share psychological support, data, and resources about mental health, maladaptive eating behaviors and body image to help communities in need, across the Mena region and beyond.SELF-ED was founded in 2023.


Eating disorders are progressive, debilitating mental health conditions in Egypt and the Middle-East.The stigma around these complex disorders need to be redefined in our communities. Our vision is to of raise awareness about the complexity of eating disorders and to cultivate the appreciation of one’s self worth; where weight, appearance, and judgment are insignificant.