How can I help someone with an Eating disorder?

One of the main struggles that face a person suffering from an eating disorder is finding constant, constructive support and validation. This article lists a group of tools that can guide you in supporting your beloved ones and helping them towards recovery.

1. Educate yourself about mental health and Eating disorders before talking:

Learn what are eating disorders, their types, their risks, their signs, their causes, and what is recovery. Know more about the topics that you're going to discuss with them.

2- Encourage them to start recovery and treatment:

Encourage them to seek professional help without adding so much pressure on them. Let them choose their therapist and make the recovery their choice.

3. Stay patient and supportive:

Do not expect them that they are going to recover fast. Be patient and supportive even if they are taking just tiny steps because these small steps count as big progress for them.

4. Join them in challenging their fear foods to comfort them about it:

When they challenge a fear foods with a friend/family member, this will let them feel comfortable about eating it and calm the thoughts on guilt and shame. You do not need to talk just be there.

5. Create good memories together:

Bake together, cook together, hang out together, do some adventures, let them love this life again, let them smile and laugh again, let them know that life has a lot of funny things to do.

6. Listen to them:

 give them time to talk about their pain, about how they feel, about what they want to do, but never force them to talk.

7. keep trying with them:

 If they refused to do something, try with them another time. Do not lose hope and be patient what cannot be done today will happen tomorrow.

8. Let them feel loved:

Express your feelings and reconfirm your unconditional love. Be generous with your validation and respect. It is significant to reassure that you accept them without mentioning rules or conditions like losing or gaining weight. Whatever how many months they are in recovery, don't change your attitude, because this will make them feel loved just when they are sick.